Eastgate, Bridgeton Cross

Image of Eastgate, Bridgeton Cross

“We helped deliver much needed job opportunities for Glasgow’s East End”

Client – Dawn Group Ltd

Project – Eastgate Office Development, Bridgeton Cross, for Clyde Gateway URC

Duration – Feb ’11 to Feb ‘12

The Brief

Having helped Dawn Group develop the community benefits element of their bid, we then worked as their community benefit co-ordinator to help deliver the jobs, apprenticeships and work placements for local people, as well as a wide range of contract opportunities for local businesses and curriculum support for local schools.  Our role was to act as the co-ordinating Single Point of Contact for the main contractor and their sub-contractors and to liaise with Clyde Gateway and the employability intermediary, Jobs and Business Glasgow. We were to organise the implementation, monitor and record the results and provide full reports.

The Results


New jobs

Our target was 15 new jobs so we were delighted to exceed it.



Our target was 5 apprentices, which we were delighted to meet.


Work placements

Our target was 10 work placements so we were delighted to exceed it.

The Benefits

Dawn Group exceeded their targets, delivering on their contractual commitments.  Clyde Gateway could demonstrate meaningful local benefits from a key element of their regeneration strategy and the local community gained access to a wide range of jobs and training, curriculum support and business opportunities.

What they said

“Dawn Group had committed to challenging targets in terms of jobs and training.  streets-uk played a critical role as the single point of contact on behalf of the contractor, co-ordinating the requirements of Dawn and their sub-contractors, liaising continually with Clyde Gateway, implementing the agreed actions, monitoring and reporting on actual performance against targets and, ultimately, helping Dawn Group deliver the agreed outcomes.

streets-uk performed this role with enthusiasm and commitment and played their part in delivering real benefit to the local community.”

Niki Spence, Senior Manager, Business and Community Growth, Clyde Gateway URC

“What a boost for our pupils to attend business role-play sessions and mock job interviews to gear them up for the business world ahead.   External project partners bring real value to the education sector.”

Alexis Grant, Principal teacher Enterprise & Employability, Eastbank Academy