Community Development

We don’t just work with developers and big companies. We take our consultation, community benefit and property skills and put them to good use supporting community development projects. We know from experience how long it takes to get genuine community initiatives off the ground and how community groups need to work with limited….and sometimes no budget.

We’ll always do an initial free review with you which will help you form the basis of an action plan. We know that there is no shortage of organisations out there offering advice and funding to groups and sometimes knowing who to speak to at the right time is a massive help.

There has been a big shift to “Community Empowerment” and for some groups we’ve worked with this has been massively helpful even in just getting someone at the local Council to take them seriously. But most groups are still slogging away on a wet Tuesday night trying to progress a plan that they know will make a difference to their community. We know! We all play a voluntary role in our own local groups – its always helpful to experience something from the other side of the fence.

Of course, community development can be fraught with politics of the small and big p kind. To help with the small p, we can offer accredited community mediation support and if needed, we’ll help you understand and make progress through the wonderful world of big P Politics.