Community Consultation

The need to consult and engage with your stakeholders has never been greater. If outcomes are to be achieved, consultations must have credibility.

Whether your objective is achieving a planning consent, service design or organisational change, we can help you through the consultation process to the desired outcome.

From the ‘before’ stage of background research and agreeing the scope and scale of the consultation through to the ‘after’ stage of evaluation, streets-uk will help you deliver a robust and transparent consultation. We will help you select the appropriate methods of engagement that will allow the most meaningful communication, in both directions.

At streets-uk, we have considerable experience of property and the planning system. We therefore understand that the need for the consultation process to be open and impartial has to work within the commercial realities of development.

In some cases, a consultation process may also require appropriate PR and public affairs input. streets-uk can work with your own in house team or consultants or we can provide these services through specialist partners with whom we have strong working relationships.


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